Quantum Land poster

Quantum Land

Media Art Globale (MAG) is a festival organized by CAP (Connected Art Platfrom) that focuses on showcasing cutting-edge media artworks and prospecting potential talents.

Since 2019, we aim to source exhibitors and participants from within the new media art industry whose works are interesting in reality and not limited to concepts on paper. The latest project in 2020
is collaboration project with Ars Electronica Austria to be one of the host among 120 locations
around the world, CAP brought the 5 Indonesian`s artists.

This year, MAG is bringing you the theme Quantum Land, a virtual exhibition that showcases works from various Indonesian and international artists. 


While we’re all living in such uncertainty situation, we envision what the ideal world will be. We encourage this passion to making the world better by inviting our audience to imagine, visualize, and create their best version of ideal city with touches of creativities.


Quantum Land reflects on how we communicate to create the harmony for both individuals and society.

Taking you into the journey of psyche exploration, with diversed medium, varied matter, and intriguing subjects. MAG20 – Quantum Land will have 5 Realms that represent each journey that audience will experience. GENESIS, ENIGMA, NEXUS, MAGNA, MASTER. Each realm constitute different character of artists, with synergy of ideas on how to shape a better municipality.



Showcasing Artworks of harmony between the past & the future knowledge in current issues theme.



Showcasing Artworks that activate the reflection of human interaction with life and entice our deepest mind.



Showcasing of Open Call system that gives opportunity for wider artists to present their artworks.


Showcasing Artwork of community & communication habit in generation X to Z.


Daily workshops, sharing session and intriguing art tutorials revolving around inspirational topics.

For general info Contact us at connectedartplatform@gmail.com