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Ady Setyawan

“Sela Selang”

Ady Setyawan

Inspired by the word 'komorebi' which refers to the sunlight filtered through leaves on trees and crown shyness phenomenon, an arboreal version of social distancing, visitors can immerse themself beneath the installation or admiring the view from above. Previously, they are also allowed to pick their animation and write a message which then appears on the projection mapping visual.

Installation & Artwork by Arafura Media Design
interactive system by Arthatronic - Rama Wardhana

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Ady Setyawan, a multimedia artist from Bandung, Indonesia.  I have been passionate towards projection mapping since 2012. Graduated with bachelor of design degree from Bandung Institute of Technology, I shares my thought through visual creation. Currently, I am starting a new media studio called Arafura Media design.


My enthusiasm in this field keeps growing through years. By bringing together experts from different disciplines, I have already made several innovative collaboration project. My work already published in an international journal through Asia Digital and Design Association Conference 2016. Also, 1st Winner and people choice of Mapping from Home 2020, First projection mapping on GWK statue, the Finalist Award of Asia Digital Art Award 2016,2018 and 2020 (ADAA) in Fukuoka, Japan, Interactive arts  and moving image category. A nominee of Visual Artist Awards 2018, in experimental project category and others.


I love the moment when my work projected onto massive and interactive installation so it can bring immersive experience to the audience. The smile from people who sees my work always motivates me to create more and more. Because I believes, when my creation are useful to other people, That’s when I know my knowledge were truly matters to shared.

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