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Christian Lokonanta (ID), Marcel Saputra (ID), Rinda Hedwig (ID)

Automated Angklung
Christian Lokonanta (ID), Marcel Saputra (ID), Rinda Hedwig (ID)


Preserving an Indonesian Traditional Musical Instrument

Angklung is one of many indigenous traditional musical instruments from Indonesia. It is made of specifically cut bamboo to produce different tones. To preserve its popularity, an electronically controlled Angklung is created by setting a three-octave Angklung to an automated player consisting of DC motors controlled by a minicomputer. This system can download songs from the online cloud and play more than 50 songs automatically and continuously for eight hours.

CL and MS graduated from the Computer Engineering Department of Bina Nusantara University and are currently pursuing their career in the electronic engineering field. RH is the mentor of CL and MS with more than 90 publications ( and nine pending patents.

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