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Augmented Reality

Budi Ubrux, Indonesia Kaya 2019, Augmented Reality, supported by WIR Group

Budi Haryono, better known as Ubrux, rose to fame when he created his iconic language made with newspaper headlines, which he finely hand-copied covering the entirety of his images on canvas to express poignant thoughts and comments.

Utterly creepy and profoundly unsettling, the haunting images likening the mummy world, warn and criticize, initially repression and corruption, and later news media that tend to increasingly overwhelm and manipulate real facts, ultimately causing human intellect to malfunction. Extending this language to foreign newspaper language — and not limiting himself to canvas, his iconic language also put an accent on sculptures, furniture and installations.


Born in 1968 in Bantul, Yogyakarta, the dropout art school initially worked making banners. After a two-year stint in Switzerland as a billboard painter, he held a solo show in Baden, Switzerland. Back in Indonesia, his painting Immacologi won the prestigious Philip Morris Art Award prize (2000). It featured newspaper wrapped heads as a metaphor of image-making desires.

In MAG 19 Ubrux collaboration with WIR group presents a new way to enjoy art through augmented reality. Along with the shift from classic newspaper to online media, Ubrux`s artworks could represent the wave of the media art movement in the 21st century. MAG proudly presents two of Ubrux’s artworks: the CAR and the Nasi Bungkus for the first time in augmented reality.

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