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Despora Collective Concession 

Despore: Collective Concession


Moving forward as in every civilization has its own tipping point. Currently, humans are entering an era where connectivity allows for an agreement that applies globally in digital form, without concrete form, without authority, carried out together equally. This concession finally has a value that is recognized collectively as a base for exchange rates, at this point, humans enter a new era where there is a choice of exchange rates after previously in the form of barter, gold & bank notes. It is at this stage that humans must choose to be able to continue the journey of civilization.


How do you deal with the options available? You can only choose one of these options. Each choice has its own risk, by selecting the previous condition then we will continue the previous trail step. If we choose change, we don't know what will be offered in the future. But with all the risks, the future is hope.


An interpretation of a traditional game in Indonesia which has shown the existence of values ​​that are relevant to the current situation, translated in the form of interaction installations that can be felt with fun. At the same time reflecting on how people who live communally can instill the values ​​of togetherness, hard work, democracy, trust & leadership in relevant contexts of a game.


Project team: Octavianus Frans, Emmanuel Putro, Budi Sriherlambang

Collective Concession_(Octavianus Frans, Emmanuel Putro, Budi Sriherlambang), (Binus Unive
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