Showcasing Artworks that activated the reflection of human being interaction with life and enticing our deepest mind.

Science & Technology usually be part of our life as support system. Art could be tool communication for some people to give statement and pour their abstract thinking but in the same time Art could be the source of their energies .

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Sound Artist – Jakarta 
Installing sound / vocal frequencies, hand embroidery works of the Sun, desert sand, trees and rocks "floating" in 360 degree virtual camera technology. 


Spatial Art - Australia

to create a spatial experience that is not only virtual but also philosophical.



Paint Artist - Jakarta

Schizophrenic Artist stories that have MURI when he painted 88m canvas in 4 days and 15 hrs non-stop. This painter could be the inspiration of people to explore the best version of them.



Creative lab – Bekasi

«It is what it is» Micro gesture video, reading people by eye movement, the result will be the FACE as installation of the eyes.