Showcasing Artworks of harmony between the past & the future knowledge in current issues theme.

Space and time. Man and time. If the phrase man is a miniature universe, we need to embrace the dualism of the journey of life. From Imagination and Reality in people mind, between New and ancient technology until the pandemic in 2020 that change life in many people include Creative and Artists life that move to digital and internet showcase, either we like it or not.

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As there will never be an end to be talked about with all things interesting beyond the reason that is in it. If the human phrase is a miniature universe, then we would tinkered a little with some of his theories.  


New Media Artist – Bandung

The landscape painting on the edge of the Dutch Colonialism era transformed to Interactive painting.



Visual Artists - Bandung

Extended reality with Zeotrope & Video Projection. Intersection between media is extended reality. Each Circles in Zeotrope will be   representation of space where the living creation live (earth, air, water) and we could live in Harmony.



Graphic Artist - Jakarta

In our modern social environment we currently living in, the main difficulties and challenges that we face as creative workers these days are rather universal.

Everyone are now able to express themselves in any way they see fit. 

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