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Artists and Speakers

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Utami Atasia Ishii

Born in Magelang, Central Java in 1996. Moved to Yogyakarta in 2014 to 2020 to continue his education to college majoring in painting.

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Ady Setyawan

Ady Setyawan, a multimedia artist from Bandung, Indonesia. My work already published in an international journal through Asia Digital and Design Association Conference 2016.

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Widi Pangestu

Widi Pangestu, Mainly working with papermaking technique known as Paper-making.

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BINUS Project

A collective that was formed based on shared interests and discussion about contemporary issues between 3 lecturers at BINUS University, School of Design, Visual Communication Design Department.

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Thomas Geissl

Thomas is a creative technologist who creates experiences that touch people by fusing the analog and the digital world.


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Nadine Khalil

Nadine is a French architect based in Germany since 2010. After studying architecture in Nantes, she worked with different architecture offices, with a focus on interior design.

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Anaïs Le Grand

An architectural designer practicing with international firms since 2010, her work and curiosity has brought her to many different cities in Asia and beyond. 

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Ratna Djuwita, zaqi fathis, Ghina Nabilah, and Bondan Petra together make a speculative design studio which translate matter into object. Creates a scenario for the future by embending design fiction approach in its process to generate question that provoke imaginatiom and innovation to respond present condition.

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Wiyu Wahono with projection of data.tron Ryoji Ikeda.jpg

Wiyu Wahono

Wiyu Wahono was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and began collecting art in 1999. Part of his collection, which comprises of sound art, light art, bio-art, digital still and moving images, audio-visual installations, performance art, etc

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Detty Wulandari

Art lover who collects art pieces and NFTs but cringes whenever being called a collector. Detty has worked as a Creative Director in a digital agency and also has experiences as Event Director for international tech events in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Kumoratih Kushardjanto

Kumoratih Kushardjanto is currently Chair of the Executive Board of Negeri Rempah Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to public education and learning experience, particularly of historical, social and cultural issues relating to Indonesia’s diversity.

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Nova Dewi Setiabudi

CEO and founder of Suwe Ora Jamu, which has a vision to preserve herbal medicine as a traditional ingredient of cultural heritage.

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