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Quantum Land

Media Art Globale (MAG) is an art, technology and science themed festival showcasing cutting edge works held every two years. Due to the exceptional circumstances happening globally where people have had to change their way of life and routines, home and nature consequently are becoming the best places where activities can continue, and therefore this year, MAG is having the idea of “marking the era”  by holding its 2020 exhibition virtually. The event is titled “Quantum Land” and the five realms.


The theme was inspired by how the constant changes and challenges in 2020 have brought a new change to MAG. Being invited early in the year at Ars Electronica festival as one of its 120 global hosts was a huge encouragement. It created a stronger drive for hope and positivity, particularly to the art world.  Quantum Land represents the miniscule space where interaction and connection between reality and reveries, between humans and environments in a changing situation happen and are interpreted by our talented artists through their works.  


As a curator, we challenge artists involved in Quantum Land to express their freedom of creation, ideas, imagination and creativities in building their utopias. Works presented here are artists’ responses to the challenge and  inspired by the notion of a harmonious life, hope for the future in this current time of constant challenges and uncertainties. 


In this second edition, MAG20 is a virtual exhibition. Taking the journey through different mediums and channels in Quantum Land, guests are invited to visualise, imagine and design their own version of an ideal city. In an interactive 360 space, guests explore, experience and immerse themselves in the selection of works presented by 21 artists chosen from Indonesia, Germany, USA, Australia, Belgium and Greece. These artists come from various backgrounds including musicians, motion artists, creative lab, coder, schizophrenia activist, architect, sound engineer and mural artists.

- Mona Liem -

“Quantum Land”, Media Art Globale 2020 by Connected Art Platform



Showcasing artworks that reflect harmony between the past & the future knowledge in the present time.



Showcasing artworks that activate the reflection of human interaction with life and entice our deepest mind.



Showcasing artworks from our  Open Call system that provides an opportunity for wider range of artists to present their artworks.



Showcasing artworks that explain the community & communication behaviour in generation X to Z.



Daily workshops, sharing session and intriguing art tutorials revolving around inspirational topics.

Media Art Globale 2020

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