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Widi Pangestu Sugiono


In the process of papermaking water can be considered as a central of all the process an also a material trace, Water presence has an important role but is not visible in the final result. Water can be a dispersion between cellulose fibers and other substances, dewatering results in the formation of paper on the surface. Paper quality can be determined when the water used has a neutral pH with a temperature of 25 °C set as 7.0 pH to avoid excess acid and base reaction. Melting Landscape attempts to capture and slow down a momentum as a present and absent by utilizing the form of water at the highest temperature in the form of ice, which combined with other variables such as additives, chemicals and fillers in the form of pigments natural ingredients such as indigo, black carbon, calcium carbonate, Kaolin Klay, Methyl Cellulose and others that are tied or frozen together with water and then placed on the surface of the cellulose fibers (pulp). Ice at a certain temperature will undergo a process liquefaction which causes the components in it to be released and absorbed by the fiber cellulose on paper so as to present traces of material that will cause results vary according to the mass and properties of the combined components previously.

Widi Pangestu, Mainly working with papermaking technique known as Paper-making. I've been working with paper for almost 4 years.  My experimentations take place inside the spectrum of material-crafting and the medium of paper, which focuses on image-making, object-making and the details of the experimentation process as a work of artistic research. It explores the possibilities in material-crafting through different traditional (manual) preferences, while colliding them with rhetorical experiences encountered during the process. His works are then presented to emphasize how human relations are carried out through the transformation of paper materials. The biomorphic quality in the work and the fragility it presents are a form of intersection between organic principles and the practice of an industrial society.

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Kelahiran Bandung 1993, tinggal dan bekerja di Yogyakarta, Widi Pangestu mendalami material kertas sejak 2017 yang dipresentasikan sebagai pameran tinggal pertamanya di Indonesia Contemporary Art Network (ICAN) Yogyakarta. 
Kertas yang diolahnya menggunakan teknik papermaking – hasil dari dekontruksi kertas menjadi bubur kertas, mengolah material secara langsung memberikan pengalaman munculnya rasa kepemilikan dari olahan kertas yang dibuatnya, dan hal tersebut membawa kepada pemahaman terhadap persoalan materialitas dan sensibilitas serta sensasi yang dihasilkan dari bentuk, presepsi dan narasi atas material.

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